Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Diary of a wedding dress

So the big day is looming.  I really wanted to my make own wedding dress.  I struggled with choosing a style.  I pored over Pinterest and "liked" a bunch of different dresses.  I made 3 1/2 muslins.   Finally, it was time to decide.   I found this lovely vintage pattern on Etsy, just my size!!

I'm going with the shorter, less formal version, since we are eloping!

With some minor fitting adjustments, my muslin is looking good!

I've already made the petticoat (wearing it!) and of course I will be hemming it quite a bit.

The plan is to use French Satin (diamond white) and I have some drapery lining that will work well as an interlining.  This dress will be nice and structured!    This is one of my inspirations, only not quite as fluffy:

So much fun!!

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  1. I love it Michelle! You are doing a fabulous job already, and I like your inspiration dress of beloved 'Audrey'.
    I'm trying to 'follow' your blog, but got an error in my dashboard reader. I'll try again later to make sure I see your latest entries.
    Great job on the 'Ken' shirt, too!
    Love Sue